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Windscreens - George Bates

George Bates' windscreen art will appear at stations all along the R Line through Aurora.

The series is called "Omnes Aurora, Omnes Mundi, Omnia Movens," which translates is "All Aurora, All the World, All Moving."

George Bates Windscreen 1
Windscreen art rendering for the R Line

"I'm interested in how histories, environments and actions of individuals build to become a greater whole," Bates said. "Aurora has great depth of which to choose from in this regard. The trajectory of a community into the future is continually inspired, informed and shaped by the advancements and contributions of the people that are proud to reside in them.
George Bates
George Bates at work
This is the timeless spirit of constancy, reinvention, renewal and ever growing and developing identity that has informed the artworks within."

"The viewer is invited to bring their own narratives to the pieces and see in them something new every day," Bates added.

The windscreen art will be hand-painted glass. The artist will use safety glass that will endure without fading for hundreds of years.

Anti-graffiti film applied to all glass panels will ensure easy removal of graffiti and scratchiti.

George Bates lives in Brooklyn, New York. "An experimental approach to image making has been the foundation for all the work to come out of the Studio," he said.

Bates has a wide range of artwork interests and he has done pieces for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York City.

George Bates Windscreen3
Windscreen art rendering for the R Line
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