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Fitzsimons Station - Koryn Rolstad

Title of Art: Prairie Light and Color

Koryn Rolstad is the artist for two R Line stations. She is also doing work for the Florida station.

The work for the Fitzsimons station will be placed in a 400-foot long landscaped area near the light rail train platform.

Rendering of Fitzsimons Station art
Rendering of Fitzsimons Station art

"Prairie Light and Color starts at the walkway as a grouping of tree like forms 'growing out of the ground as representation of planted arboreal elements. These trees (Five total sited along the open area) include dichroic and colored translucent structural acrylic or PETG panels that refract the ambient light and shadows. The rest of the area is 'planted' with the large oversized 150 'prairie grass' elements. These 'grasses' are made of powder-coated aluminum tubing arcs and populated with the colored translucent leave heads," Rolstad said in her presentation.

"This concept shows two types of natural elements - grasses and trees - depicting movement, ambient color and shadowing, along with a wry visual interest (as oversized elements) with some wit and fun."

"I wanted the shapes of the grass forms to be as if the wind is blowing showing a visual movement, which are counterpoint to the solid structures of the trees setting a gateway feeling for the site. The colored panels on both the grasses and trees portray a circulating visual palette with its multi colors reflecting light and shadow towards the dramatic Colorado sky."

Rendering of Fitzsimons Station art
Rendering of Fitzsimons Station art

About the artist

Artist Koryn Rolstad
Koryn Rolstad
Koryn Rolstad's studiosĀ© are based in Seattle. Her internationally recognized firm was established in 1975. She has an education from the University of Washington in fine art, architecture and engineering.

"I approach each installation as an architect, with a vision for the structural details of the work. Designing a project and how it fits with its surrounding architecture and natural environment is an essential part of my voice," she said.

"But, the heart of each project and how it relates to the public, who will see and live with it when all is done, is created from the soul and emotion of an artist."
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