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B Line windscreens - Dan Gottsegen

Westminster windscreen artwork by Dan Gottsegen
Windscreen artwork at the Westminster Station

The artwork for the windscreens on the Westminster Station platform consists of 12 panels of approximately 5' x 4' each. Artist Dan Gottsegen used custom tempered glass with printed imagery drawn from his paintings.

Artist Dan Gottsegen
Artist Dan Gottsegen
Gottsegen is currently based in Woodstock, Vermont. He has a BA in Art from Brown University and an MFA from California College of the Arts.

"My work has long been based on my active engagement with the natural environment," Gottsegen said. "It has been influenced by week or longer, completely solitary hikes in the high Sierra and other wild places, traveling miles
off marked trails, camping and painting alone, often above ten-thousand feet, and my ongoing wilderness wanderings and meditations."

"The act of painting is for me much like the wandering and seeking I have done in the natural world. Bits of imagery, often rising from deep within my memory, circulate in my paintings, as I find harmonies and relationships that reveal to me beauty and truth."

Gottsegen's fabulous paintings grace the commuter rail platform at the Westminster Station on the B Line. The new rail line opened July 25, 2016.

Westminster windscreen artwork by Dan Gottsegen

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