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60th & Sheridan: Aaron T Stephan

60th & Sheridan artwork
Rendering of artwork "Gold Pour"

Title of Art: Gold Pour

Artist Aaron T Stephan's work for the 60th & Sheridan•Arvada Gold Strike Station is quite appropriately named.

Artist Aaron T Stephan
Artist Aaron T Stephan, Portland, Maine
It's 400 feet of "gold" pouring over the commuter rail platform wall. It will actually be created from glass and gold mosaic tiles.

Stephan has a studio in Portland, Maine. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Maine College of Art. He also studied sculpture at State University of New York Purchase Colleg and did his undergraduate work at Hogenschool Vor Kunsten, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

His artwork "Gold Pour" is perfect for this station. The G Line has a rich history related to gold. It passes near the place in Arvada where gold was first discovered in Colorado. Read more about that here.

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