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Peoria - Blessing Hancock

Title of Art: BIOTA

"Biota is an illuminated sculpture that draws inspiration from the unique conditions of the site and contextual surroundings," artist Blessing Hancock said about the art she created for Peoria Station.
Artwork for Peoria Station called Biota
Artwork "Biota" at the Peoria Station
"The artwork relates to the themes of bioscience, health, technology and the natural environment."

"The sculpture gives the impression of a biological form that has grown and replicated itself through a self-similar growth process. Biota is an elegant abstraction of a living organism," she said.

The art is in the central bus roundabout at the station. It's 23 feet high and 1-5 feet wide. Biota will be made up of these materials:
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Acrylic
  • LED lighting
The pattern of the sculpture uses a polygonal computational geometry that is found in biology and chemistry, she explained. Using principles of both science and math, the design gives visitors who look at the art a changing visual experience based on movement and point-of-view. "The artwork explores how the patterns of science and new technology can be incorporated into contemporary art."

Artist Blessing Hancock
Blessing Hancock

Blessing Hancock owns Skyrim Studio Inc. in Tucson, Arizona. Skyrim creates artwork for public and private collections. Her BFA in Sculpture and MLA in Landscape Architecture have influenced her artistic approach. She was drawn to art as a tool for innovation and new experience. She has completed monumental sculpture projects throughout the world that have involved project teams and community groups.
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