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Bridges and Grade Crossings

There are various types of grade crossings (where railways cross roadways).

Rendering Bridge over 120th Ave

Here are the types and locations on the North Metro Rail line:

  • South Platte 1 -parallel to Denargo Street and over the Union Pacific railroad tracks and the South Platte River
  • South Platte 2- over the South Platte River and Washington Street
  • 46th Avenue - over 46th Avenue near Brighton Boulevard
  • Marion Street- over Marion Street near the National Western Complex
  • Race Street - over Race Street north of the National Western Complex
  • Skyway Bridge - crosses (from south to north) the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroad tracks, Brighton Boulevard, a Union Pacific railroad spur track, the FRICO Ditch, the Metro Waste Water and Suncor sites, Sand Creek, and Highway 270
  • 70th Avenue - over 70th Avenue near Colorado Boulevard
  • 88th Avenue - over 88th Avenue near Welby Road
  • 104th Avenue - "Twin" bridges over 104th Avenue near Colorado Boulevard
  • 120th Avenue - over 120th Avenue near Claude Court
  • South Platte 3 - Not a new bridge, but refurbished for Commuter Rail usage
 At-Grade Crossings - where roadways/trails and rail are at same level
  • Riverside Cemetery entrance
  • Steele Street
  • Private Crossing at 72nd
  • Thornton Parkway
  • 100th Avenue
  • 112th Avenue
  • 124th Avenue 

Grade Separated Crossings - where roadways/trails and rail are at different levels
  • Park Avenue/Delgany - under railway
  • 38th Avenue/Washington Street - under railway
  • South Platte River Trail/38th Avenue - under railway
  • I-70 - over railway
  • York Street/Brighton Blvd - under railway
  • 74th Avenue - over railway
  • South Platte River Trail - under railway
  • Settlers Chase Trail Connection - under railway
  • Grange Hall Creek Trail - under railway
* all information to subject to change throughout the design process.

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