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Southwest Rail Extension

The Southwest Light Rail Line opened in July 2000 as an 8.7 mile extension from I-25/Broadway to Mineral Avenue in Littleton. The Southwest Light Rail has five stations with nearly 2,600 parking spaces.

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The Southwest Rail Extension will make the Southwest line even more successful by adding the following:
  • 2.5 miles of track
  • An end-of-line station at C-470/Lucent Boulevard
  • 1,000 space Park-n-Ride facility at the end-of-line station
An intermediate station, located near the southeast corner of the C-470/US 85 Interchange is also being considered as part of this current phase of study. This station is currently not a part of the FasTracks plan.

Southwest Rail Extension fact sheet

See the facts, figures and highlights for the Southwest Rail Extension.

Southwest Rail Extension map June 2015
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