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Maintenance Facilities

RTD built a new Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility (CRMF) to repair, maintain, clean and store the vehicles that will serve the four FasTracks commuter rail corridors: Gold Line, East Corridor, Northwest Rail and North Metro.

The site of the CRMF is Fox North, located at 48th Avenue and Fox Street, just north of I-70 and west of I-25.

The Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility at 5151 Fox St. in Denver

Commuter rail maintenance facility fact sheet

See the facts, figures and highlights of the commuter rail maintenance facility

Light rail maintenance facility

RTD expanded the agency's existing Elati light rail maintenance facility to accommodate the additional light rail maintenance needs after the purchase of more trains for the West Rail and I-225 rail lines. It's located at 2701 South Elati Street in Englewood.

RTD's light rail maintenance facility at 2701 S. Elati St. in Englewood, Colorado.
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